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Why 2017 May Be the End of Notarization as We Know it

Pem Guerry, our EVP, penned an article for Law Technology Today in which he discusses why our current methods of notarization will soon be replaced with remote notarization, or webcam notarization.
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SIGNiX Quoted in The New York Times on Remote E-Notarization

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Uncover the Top 4 Benefits of Remote E-Notarization

If you’re a notary, the paperless office probably seems pretty far away. Most notaries are bombarded by paper documents all day, every day. But you might not know that you don’t have to go completely paperless to reap a lot of the benefits of a paperless office.
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Virginia Notaries: Upgrade Your Services with Remote E-Notarization

Virginia notaries now have the chance to better serve their customers. Virginia has become a leader in supporting electronic notarization, both in person and remotely through video conferencing, giving notaries an amazing opportunity to grow your business. 
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