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Increase efficiency with digital signatures for healthcare

To provide efficient and high quality care, healthcare providers rely on accurate and complete medical records. Having paperwork in order is essential to bill Medicare and insurance companies, and your company's operations would stop if credentials weren’t maintained. Join top healthcare organizations who are using SIGNiX to streamline physician credentialing and patient onboarding.

Speed up payment

Insurance companies require signatures on important documents before they will authorize payment. Delays in getting documents filled out and signed can mean delays in payment. With SIGNiX, you can speed up the process so you can get paid faster.

Streamline patient onboarding

Paper patient forms are a big obstacle to the adoption of electronic medical records, and they can be a hassle for patients and staff. Forms have to be scanned or re-keyed, handwritten notes can be hard to read and patients often forget to fill out essential information. With SIGNiX, patients can’t submit a document until the forms are 100% complete, and all data can be automatically sent to your back-end systems, enabling end-to-end electronic medical record processing.

What they're saying

We’re serious about protecting our clients’ sensitive documents, and that was a huge factor for us when we were picking an e-signature vendor. SIGNiX’s focus on security and compliance made them a perfect fit for our business. Jacqueline Bos, Chief Compliance Officer at B&C Financial

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