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Sign and notarize documents for your clients 100% virtually

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Many real estate professionals currently depend on traditional paper and wet signatures, using antiquated work flows, which can immediately be improved with SIGNiX.

Digital Signatures for Real Estate 

Close your deals faster and eliminate signing errors by using digital signatures for real estate. Online signatures save time for your clients, co-operating agents, escrow officers and lenders. The ability to close a property deal in your web browser is especially valuable for transactions with out-of-state clients.

Sign forms and agreements

We make your agreement process easier by streamlining the process of signing. We make it easy to sign real estate forms and agreements, such as listing agreements, purchase contracts, and disclosures.

zipLogix + SIGNiX = Real Estate E-Signatures

zipLogix Digital Ink™ combines the technology of SIGNiX's digital signatures with the forms capabilities of zipLogix. Use zipLogix Digital Ink™ to simply and easily electronically manage all your real estate documents and transactions. 

zipLogix Digital Ink™ ensures that all of the document’s data and the digital signature are protected throughout the entire process. Digital signatures permanently secure the identity of signers and the document’s content. Once the document has been signed, its integrity is permanently protected. Any attempt at changing the data or tampering with the signatures automatically and visibly invalidates the document.

Looking into Remote Online Notarization? We provide every tool you need.


✔ Digital Certificate

✔ Live webinar training

✔ Credential analysis

✔ Phone/email support

✔ Integrated video meetings

✔ Electronic notary journal

The SIGNiX Difference

We are more than e-signatures, we are digital signatures. We embed the legal evidence into every single signature that takes place in our platform.


256-bit military grade encryption

Digital certificate with each signature

Authentication data
Some additional information in one line

Transaction ID

Cryptographic hash with each signature


Don't take our word for it

It’s a great service. I’ve used it multiple times with clients that are out of the state, out of the area or even just around the corner to get that document signed. In this market, where timing is of the absolute essence, this is a great service that I can provide." Eric Benz, President of Burbank Association of Realtors
"I love using Digital Ink. I had one client, she made 14 offers on different properties. She was able to make those offers in 5-10 minutes And in this market, when timing is of the absolute essence, this is a great service that I can provide her. Eric Benz, Dilbeck Real Estate

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