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Prior to COVID-19, online notary services were slowly gaining popularity, but adoption rapidly accelerated last March. Pre-pandemic, only 22 states allowed for Remote Online Notarization (RON), but by the end of 2020, nearly all did. RON is here to stay, even after the pandemic is over because notaries and clients appreciate the convenience and flexibility. Growing your business in a virtual world can be challenging if you don’t know where to start, so I want to help. Luckily, there are a lot of ways to market yourself as an online notary. These six tips will help you grow your business virtually:

1. Use Facebook and LinkedIn.
Start with your existing online networks and publicize your new services to them. Update your social media profiles and publish a post announcing that you now offer Remote Online Notarization. Facebook and LinkedIn have professional RON groups you can join, too. These groups are great for meeting other notaries, learning new technology skills, and sharing referrals.

2. Update your website and Google business page.
Add a blurb about your RON services on your website and Google Business page. Include the words “RON” and “Remote Online Notary,” but other terms as well, like “digital signing” and “electronic signature” - any words a potential client might search for when looking for online notary services.

Make sure your Google page can receive reviews, and you should send your clients links to write a review when business is completed. Encourage clients by offering a discount on their next service in exchange for a review. Reviews will move your business higher in search results. Consider listing your business on local apps like NextDoor and Yelp, where users can also post reviews.

3. Use email marketing.
Send an email blast to your past and current client list letting them know you now offer RON. Add your RON services to your email signature, so clients are reminded every time they receive an email from you. For important customers, a call to follow up will help them understand how RON can benefit them.

4. Educate your clients.
Most of your clients may not be familiar with RON. Next time they contact you for business, suggest to them to try RON. Once they experience the ease of it, they are likely to request it in the future.

Clients who haven’t tried RON yet may have questions about how secure the technology is. The good news is that RON is more secure than web-signed documents, and it’s easy to use. RON also provides an incredible convenience, providing fast document processing, often within minutes (as opposed to hours). SIGNiX provides its users with quick, easy-to-understand videos notaries can send to their clients to help ready them for the process

5. Word of mouth.
Word of mouth is still one of the best ways to connect with new customers, even in the digital realm. Think about specific ways RON would benefit companies you worked for in the past. Are your friends and family part of any communities they could connect you to? Remember, there are so many more referrals to consider when you no longer have distance restrictions. For instance, do you have a relative serving on a military base overseas? Would they be able to advertise your services there? As a remote notary with global flexibility, you can be especially helpful to a US citizen abroad. (Just keep in mind that SIGNiX does not accept military IDs and customers will have to provide an alternative form of identification.)

6. Leverage your technology provider.
Check with your RON provider on how they can assist with your marketing efforts. SIGNiX offers several complimentary services to our notaries:

  • The SIGNiX Certification Program helps notaries become an expert with the technology. Users that pass a 44-question exam receive a badge to use in their marketing materials.
  • The Online Notary Network (ONN) is a directory of SIGNiX certified notaries that connects notaries directly with clients needing electronic notary services. The site lets users filter by state and find notaries nearby (if necessary). Any SIGNiX notary that passes the Certification Program is eligible to advertise their services on the ONN, free of charge!
  • SIGNiX provides an educational video explaining how RON works that you can post right on your website. This saves notaries having to explain to clients exactly how it works or the benefits and exposes more people to RON. Check out this video here. 
  • Additional educational resources are available to notaries who ask! For example, we have a 1-pager to explain the benefits of RON for signers

Remote Online Notarization technology creates countless opportunities for notaries across the country. With geographic boundaries removed, notaries can now market themselves and attract new clients around the world. While this may mean overcoming certain marketing hurdles, it also means you can bring in business you might never have considered before!


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