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Sign and notarize documents for your members 100% virtually

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SIGNiX will allow your your notaries to sign and notarize documents for your customers such as Title, Mortgages, Power of Attorney forms and many others. 

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Working with clients, especially ones in the banking and finance industry, is a lot of pressure. Our digital signature technology takes one more thing off your plate so you better manage your client relationships more efficiently.

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Utilizing our remote online notarization software solution saves you and your members considerable time and hassle, and provides a level of security and cost savings unmatched by traditional notarization.

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Flex API

A rich set of additional features for companies looking for a powerful, integrated digital signature product. We can interface into your core processing system or LOS to provide a seamless signing experience. 

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Improve and control your customer's experience by turning a cumbersome, paper-based process into an entirely digital process.


Save time and money by reducing document turnaround times and allowing your customers to sign remotely.


SIGNiX enables strong, multi-factor authentication options, including knowledge-based authentication and identity document verification.




SIGNiX's standard digital signature product is perfect for businesses of any size that want to start getting documents signed online right away.


Account opening

Clients will be able to open an account online, without having to worry about visiting a branch. What was once a long process has now been reduced to minutes, allowing your institution to capture more business. 

Customer service

In the world we live in today, it's paramount to be able to meet your customers where they are - digitally. You will be able to create easy-to-use templates for common documents.


We make your agreement process easier by streamlining the process of signing. We make it easy to sign real estate forms and agreements, such as listing agreements, purchase contracts, and disclosures.


SIGNiX enables strong, multi-factor authentication options, including knowledge-based authentication and identity document verification. All of the legal evidence is embedded into the document itself.

The SIGNiX Difference

We are more than e-signatures, we are digital signatures. We embed the legal evidence into every single signature that takes place in our platform.

256-bit military grade encryption
Digital certificate with each signature
Authentication data
Some additional information in one line
Transaction ID
Cryptographic hash with each signature



eNotaryDoX not only uses standards-based digital signatures that protect the document from tampering, it also offers TotalAudit™, a highly detailed record of the signature and notary process itself. In addition, SIGNiX enables strong, multi-factor authentication options like knowledge-based authentication to positively verify the identity of the signers.

What is Remote Online Notarization (RON)?

✔ Digital Certificate

✔ Live webinar training

✔ Credential analysis

✔ Phone/email support

✔ Integrated video meetings

✔ Electronic notary journal


Case Study:

Learn how APL Federal Credit Union is using SIGNiX Remote Online Notarization to better serve their members

  • 50% settlement time reduction
  • 60% increase in closings
  • 100% adoption rate
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Success Stories


"Making our members happy is critical. This technology will make it so much easier for them to do business with us. What once took days or weeks can be completed in minutes from any computer or mobile device with an Internet connection." Nancy Croix-Stroud, CEO of First Class American Credit Union
"The IMSI and SIGNiX partnership will further enhance our robust solutions allowing our credit union customers improved self-service. We were looking for a partner focused on security and compliance and SIGNiX more than met our needs." Carlos Fulcher, CEO
"SIGNiX was the best fit for us because the detailed audit trail is a great complement to the signed document. Another factor for us was how much control we had in setting the signer identity authentication. SIGNiX lets us use varying layers of security, and it’s easy to customize for each transaction." Lindsay Edwards, Lending Manager

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