a360inc Partners with SIGNiX to provide users Digital Signature and RON Technology

a360inc, a leading technology and outsourcing solutions provider to the legal and financial services industries, announced today it has entered a strategic partnership with SIGNiX, a national provider of digital signature and remote online notary (RON) technology. The partnership integrates SIGNiX solutions directly to a360inc enterprise clients, providing significant efficiencies to users and further incorporating a360inc’s seamless process flows into an entire real estate or default transaction.

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SIGNiX Certification Badge

SIGNiX Launches RON Certification Program and Online Notary Network

Designed to provide notaries with the knowledge and referrals they need to grow, virtually

Chattanooga, TN, April X, 2021 –SIGNiX, the leading combined digital signature and enotary technology provider in North America, today announced it recently launched the SIGNiX RON Certification Program and Online Notary Network (ONN), which are both designed to help notaries build their business using its eNotaryDox Remote Online Notarization (RON) technology.

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Skience President & COO Marc Butler Joins ProNvest and SIGNiX Boards

Fintech Executive will provide strategic guidance to accelerate growth

ProNvest and SIGNiX, sister companies and leading technology platforms that service highly regulated industries like wealth management, insurance, and real estate, today announced they have named Skience President and COO Marc Butler to their boards of directors. As a board member, Marc will provide insights and guidance on how both companies can continue to scale and accelerate their growth.

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Gateway Credit Union Integrates SIGNiX Digital Signatures


Paper Slowed Them Down

Food Industries Credit Union had just rebranded as Gateway Credit Union, and they had work to do. Their loan application process involved mailing out loan applications, waiting on them to return, correcting errors, and finally signing on the dotted line. Each step required too much time and unnecessary repetition. If the newly branded Gateway Credit Union was going to make good on its mission to expand to new members beyond the food industry, they would need a loan application process that was faster, more cost effective, and just plain better.

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