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As the leading provider of cloud-based digital signatures, SIGNiX is proud to offer an in-depth partnership program for synergistic software providers. We realize that most businesses are looking for a convenient and secure e-signature platform to use for executing documents, contracts and other transactions—and we are proud to provide that, even in highly regulated industries. But for technology companies who are wanting to integrate a robust, safe and easy-to-use digital signature solution into their document platforms for reselling, we have a program in place that goes above and beyond to ensure a mutually beneficial and successful relationship.

Here’s what a digital signature partnership with SIGNiX means.


SIGNiX’s partnership program is tailored to fit.

We know that our technology partners want a solution that they can brand and seamlessly integrate into their platforms. That’s why we can white-label our digital signature solution, which allows your company to fully integrate it into your look and your processes and resell it within your technology. Your customer will have the platform they’re used to, with the added benefit of our digital signatures—without any stray logos, outside websites or unfamiliar layouts to confuse or distract. 

We also work with you to customize our coding and modify our technology so it is specific to your business and your software. Want to have specific authentication options? We’ve got you covered. Want to offer digital shredding or full tamper proofing, instead of just tamper evidence? Done. Not every company can offer the capabilities or levels of customization we can, but having your own made-to-order e-signature makes a world of difference to your technology offerings—and to your customers.


SIGNiX’s partnership program ensures growth in revenue and profits.

Our program is set up as a revenue-sharing model, ensuring a mutually profitable integration for our software partners. We also help you position our technology in such a way to yield your company new growth opportunities. Our partnership team collaborates with you on every level, from business strategy to joint marketing and sales to user adoption and more.

We work with you to create marketing materials that are tailored to your needs and brand. These resources can include customized flyers, webinars, case studies and other materials to help you onboard your customers to the digital signature technology and add to your bottom line. We do what it takes to make sure our digital signatures will be a profit center for our partners.


SIGNiX’s partnership program gives you peace of mind.

Our technology is secure with multiple options for identity authentication, detailed audit trails, tamper-evident technology, tamper-proofing and more. Our digital signature technology is also fully compliant with legal requirements, even in highly regulated industries, including financial services, government, life sciences, healthcare, real estate, and insurance.

We also believe the final signed document should be something you control and not something that is reliant on us or another vendor. The cryptographic information in our digital signatures, also known as Independent E-SignaturesTM, holds the legal evidence and is embedded directly into the document. Because our technology uses published standards and public key infrastructure (PKI) to show documents are valid and defensible, that information stays with the document, no matter where it goes, ensuring longevity. (The other option is a dependent e-signature, which relies on the vendor for confirmation of the signature, meaning the document could easily lose its validity with a broken link, change in providers or new server.)

Peace of mind also includes knowing that someone can help you if you need it, and we work hard to make sure our partners are happy. The SIGNiX team is here for our partners—ready to respond quickly and knowledgeably to your questions and provide the assistance and expertise you are looking for.

Bottom line: When choosing an e-signature for your business, you want one you can trust. One that goes beyond being a vendor. You want a true partner. You want SIGNiX.



To learn more about the benefits of becoming a SIGNiX partner, download this free white paper.

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