SIGNiX’s digital signature products are trusted by global clinical research organizations, reaching thousands of physicians and hundreds of thousands of patients.

Market leaders choose SIGNiX because it is the only digital signature vendor to provide:

  • Compliance: SIGNiX’s technology is based on international standards by default and at no extra charge. We comply with stringent industry requirements, including the FDA’s 21 CFR Part 11, HIPAA, the ESIGN Act, UETA, NIST, ETSI and SSAE16, among others.
  • Scalability: You can use SIGNiX’s digital signatures for every signature your company needs—from internal HR documents to clinical trial submissions. You can customize each transaction based on its level of risk and compliance.
  • Customization: SIGNiX is a flexible digital signature service that easily integrates into your existing systems with our web services API. You can customize every aspect of a transaction to reflect your brand.  

Clinical research organizations (CROs) choose SIGNiX because documents signed with SIGNiX are secure, portable, self-contained and compliant with international regulations. With SIGNiX, you can speed up site and study initiation while also lowering site onboarding costs.