An electronic signature is only as good as the security that protects it. After all, what good is a contract if someone can easily tamper with it?

digital signature tamper evidenceSome electronic signature services offer a feature called “tamper evidence.” If someone tries to change any part of the document (even something as simple as deleting a space or capitalizing a word) there’s proof that tampering took place.

With SIGNiX’s digital signatures, documents are tamper-evident not just at the end of the signing process, but from the moment the transaction is started. This provides evidence that the first signer didn’t alter the document before it was sent to the second signer. Pretty neat, right?

If you’re dealing with important documents or high-value transactions, advanced tamper evidence is vital. In fact, many banks and credit unions require this kind of tamper evidence to protect their customers.

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The SIGNiX platform establishes a trustworthy process for binding the identity of an individual to a digital signature. This is crucially important.

—Timothy Reiniger, lawyer and member of the Electronic Discovery and Digital Evidence Committee of the American Bar Association