The latest SIGNiX release (v126.1) is now available for all SIGNiX customers. 

Document Wizard & Signing Experience Enhancements

Guidance Prompts™ 

Now both document preparers and signers will be better informed about what they need to do at each step of either the transaction creation process or signing process with the implementation of Guidance Prompts.

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Located at the bottom of the screen, these prompts are context-sensitive, and therefore will change depending on actions you take. For example, when you first open the Add Signatures tab in the Document Wizard, the following prompt will appear.


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Then, once you drag-and-drop a signature onto the document, the prompt will update, letting you know what you can do next.


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These prompts also carry through to the signing process, making a simple signing experience even easier.  

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 Other Updates & Bug Fixes

  • Better, more responsive scrolling via finger on mobile devices.

  • Improved pinch-zoom resizing of fields on mobile devices. Now, simply put one finger in the upper left hand corner of a field you need to resize, and then use another finger in the opposite corner to resize fields as desired.

  • Improvements and numerous bug fixes for Seamless Signatures™.

  • Resolved issue with uploading documents using Internet Explorer 11.

  • Numerous small bugs and errors resolved.

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Known Issues

  • Some less-used UI elements, dialogs and buttons may appear as they did in an older version.

  • Minor interface issues (tabbing, selections) with users running Internet Explorer 7 and 8 under certain conditions.

  • Some minor translation issues still present with French and Spanish.