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System Requirements

We are a cloud-based platform, so there is no software to download or maintain.

Operating System*

  • Windows 10 and above
  • macOS High Sierra and above (supporting Safari as below)
  • iOS - latest version and two prior
  • Android - latest version and two prior 

Web Browser*

  • Microsoft Edge
  • Google Chrome - latest version and two prior. See below on opening PDFs in Chrome
  • Mozilla Firefox, Extended Support Release. See below on opening PDFs in Firefox
  • Safari, version 11 or higher
  • Cookies & JavaScript enabled

*Note that other operating systems and browsers may work, but have not specifically been tested for compatibility or approved for use.


PDF Viewer 

  • For the best experience viewing and printing digitally signed, electronic documents, you should use Adobe Acrobat or Adobe Reader version 9.1 or higher. 
  • Note that browser-dependent PDF viewers for Firefox and Chrome, as well as Preview on OS X and iOS, may display the signature but will not display the tamper-evident seal. Be sure to view the documents in a compliant PDF viewer such as Reader, Acrobat, Nitro Reader, or Fox-It Reader.

Email/Internet Access 

  • An email address and access to the internet are required to operate the SIGNiX platform. Broadband is recommended.


  • To perform Remote Online Notarizations the use of webcams and audio recordings are required.

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