The SIGNiX Advantage: Digital Versus Electronic Signatures

If you’re starting to learn about online signatures it’s easy to get confused by all of your options. A lot of people use the terms “digital signature” and “electronic signature” interchangeably. True digital signatures are a type of electronic signature, but they aren’t the same thing. Click here to learn more about the differences.

At SIGNiX, we combine the best qualities of digital and electronic signatures to bring you a product that makes it easy to sign documents online while offering top-level security. Some of our advantages include:

      • Signatures are embedded into the signed PDF document: No links to our website, no pretty pictures. All of the information you need to validate the signatures is right in the document.
      • Independently verifiable and future-proof: The PDFs and digital signatures we produce are solely governed by independent, published, international technical standards that can be looked up and confirmed today and 20 years from now.
      • Tamper-evidence, built right in: Make a change to a SIGNiX signed document and any up-to-date, free PDF viewer like Adobe Reader will immediately notify you of the don't need to check our website.
      • Intuitive and simple: Traditional digital signatures were complex and required software and hardware purchases. SIGNiX's digital signature service frees you from that complexity, and uses a patented process to connect signers with their digital signatures and make it just as easy to send and sign documents as any other e-signature process... but with all of that security and assurance built right in.
      • Legal Assurance: Not only does each signature on a document feature a digital signature, but we also back that up with a highly detailed audit trail that can downloaded with the document to provide additional evidence. Tie that to our seamless strong identity proofing options, and you get documents that your legal department will strongly support.