8 Rules for E-Signature Security

esignature security ebook

It’s no secret that e-signatures are becoming popular across all industries. But in the rush to adopt e-signature technology, some people don’t realize they’re making a decision that could affect the security and legal standing of their company’s contracts for decades.

Download this 48-page eBook to learn:

      • The 8 e-signature security rules you should follow 
      • The difference between a digital signature and an electronic signature
      • What makes an electronic signature legal
      • How digital signatures can protect documents against fraud
      • What security features to look for in a vendor
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5 Reasons Financial Advisors Love Digital Signatures

digital signatures financial advisors

Digital signatures are helping financial advisors across the country save time and money. Want to learn all about it? We've created an eBook all about digital signatures for the securities industry.

Download this eBook to learn:

        • The top 5 benefits of digital signatures for financial advisors

        • How to ensure SEC/FINRA compliance

        • How to adopt digital signatures

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Digital Signatures Playing a Key Role in Addressing Today's Credit Unions' Challenges

digital signatures for credit unionsCredit unions balance complex compliance issues while keeping costs low and members happy. It's not an easy job! Digital signatures can help in addressing these issues. When you download this eBook, you will learn:

      • How digital signatures ease compliance burdens
      • Which documents you can digitally sign
      • What makes a digital signature legal
      • Tips for implementing digital signatures


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The Ultimate Guide to e-Signatures in the Banking Industry

electronic signatures in the banking industryBanks have the challenge of balancing compliance issues while keeping their costs low. E-signatures can help in addressing these complex issues. When you download this eBook you'll learn:

      • How to know if a digital signature is legal
      • How digital signatures make compliance easier
      • The difference between digital and electronic signatures
      • Tips for implementing digital signatures at your bank

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