The SIGNiX Signature Service is introducing exciting new integration capabilities: full API support for embedding the signing experience and new push notifications for opt outs. The update also includes a myriad of fixes and resolutions for both new and long-standing issues, as well as ongoing work to optimize core elements of the service. (141)

 API / Integration

  • NEW! Integrating companies can now embed the SIGNiX signing experience into their own websites for deeper customization and white labeling. This means a customer’s experience can build in all aspects of the SIGNiX interface, from document and transaction preparation to signing, using our comprehensive AJAX and B2B APIs. Multiple use cases are supported, including the ability to direct users to a customer’s site from emails sent by SIGNIX. For more information, please contact your SIGNiX representative directly.*
  • NEW! Push notifications have been added for opt out events. Integrating companies will now receive real-time push notifications when signers choose to opt out of a signing process and for what reason. Integrated Clients, with existing Push Notifications, please contact your SIGNiX representative directly if interested in including this option.

User Experience

  • Fixed issue where CC / distribution email lists were being cut off after 255 characters. Now the distribution list is limited to 25 email addresses.
  • Resolved several issues with 21 CFR 11 signing and document preparation
    • Users can now hit Tab to move from email address to password field in Intent to Sign dialog
    • By default, 21CFR11 mode will now not allow submitters to individually delete fields (date, printed name, reason) from a 21 CFR 11 signature field
    • Enabling 21 CFR 11 mode for a signature will always display a date field
  • Resolved several issues with signer attachments*
    • Fixed PDF Document ID error when trying to attach a file
    • Added an “I’ll come back later” option so signers can re-enter a transaction to add an attachment
    • Added attachments to the files downloaded by the Download All control
  • Fixed issue where declining legal consent did not cancel transaction. User could not continue to sign, and proper events noting the decline were added to the audit trail, but transaction could remain in an open state.
  • Fixed issue in MyDoX / Wizard where sharing templates between workgroup members also required that they share transaction information. Now these permissions are separated. Contact your SIGNiX representative to enable this option.*
  • Ongoing work preparing the next generation document editor interface for release in 1H2017
  • Per previous notification, Internet Explorer 9 users will not be able to access signing to match Microsoft’s end of support notice in January 2016


  • Removed legacy bottleneck in delivery of email to mail service provider
  • Fixed issue where transactions were not being suspended when an email was bounced
  • Ongoing foundational work on image rendering optimization and infrastructure improvements planned for 1H2017
  • Resolved DocumentID mismatch issue relating to templates

Other Items

  • Client specific updates for logo customization
  • Multiple client specific updates to email content and delivery

*Feature is optional and must be enabled. Additional charges may be incurred. Please contact SIGNiX to learn more.