The latest update to the SIGNiX Signature Service includes requested changes to the beta version of the new MyDoX Wizard and Document Editor, which are very close to full release. In addition, customer-requested features & customer-related bugs have been added and resolved, respectively.


API / Integration

  • Updated and resolved issues on leaving experience in embedded mode (quit, save)

User Experience

  • Fixed issue with document loading where the number of pages listed in a loading document wasn’t being properly communicated and could cause intermittent failures
  • Resolved issues with Personal Document Center (PDC) user experience (pages of results / next / prev)*
  • Added advanced search functions in MyDoX Document Center – last name, title, date search, etc.
  • Upon returning to the MyDoX Document Center after a search, the search parameters will remain, eliminating need to re-run search
  • Updated mobile signing UI so that ‘hamburger’ menu shows horizontally as opposed to vertically to better manage space and improve user experience
  • New Status Page (for those using 3.1 UI)
    • Added ‘view document’ for new Status page
    • Fixed issues with email dialog so checkboxes work correctly
  • New BETA Wizard / Editor – Let us know if you’d like to beta test!
    • Fixed issue with new UI MassMailer and existing templates/transactions
    • Fixed color coding of fields for multiple parties when multiple documents, preassigned fields present
    • Wizard will now let you know when an inappropriate DoB or SSN format is entered
    • Send tab will save data
    • Drag and drop party ordering disabled for parallel signing groups
    • Can now ‘flatten’ and use some ‘change password’ protected PDFs
    • Eliminated ‘ghost’ text over fields with pre-existing data
    • Placeholder option in Add Signer now will not throw error for placeholder email address
    • Next/Prev buttons no longer access disabled tabs
    • Fixed issue where expired transactions could not be easily resumed
    • Wizard will always ask a user to save if they’ve made changes to a transaction or moved a field before heading back to the Document Center
    • Fixed date font size not being set correctly for pre-tagged fields
    • Text field dialog – changed text from ‘party’ to ‘signer’
    • Templates will now save new reminder settings
    • Fixed reminder / expiration slider not showing correct values. Slider can also be disabled.
    • Demo mode toggle can be disabled completely or defaulted to Off
    • Fixed issue where child fields were not being properly deleted
    • Fixed issue where CC dialog wasn’t accepting “,” delimiter
    • Implemented new dialog for PDC Identity Match scenario
  • Addressed issue with missing text for ‘time out’ dialog and password needed dialogs


  • Fixed workgroup permissions for “Only View My Templates”
  • Resolved issue where completed transactions could be resumed in certain circumstances
  • Updated maintenance page to include link to SIGNiX status page
  • Addressed rare issue with audit trail signature
  • Improved merge function for multiple PDCs*
  • Updated internal flows to ensure new clients are using latest version of email code

Other Items

  • Fixed representation of email address in certain email clients like Outlook
  • Changed SIGNiX-facing terms for certain client preferences related to in-person signing as well as password expiration
  • Various other internally-facing improvements

Please let your SIGNiX representative know if you have any questions. Thanks for your business!


*Features are optional and may incur additional cost.