The latest update to the SIGNiX Signature Service includes small, client-requested fixes and an important, mandatory security update for an authentication provider.


API / Integration

  • N/A

User Experience

  • Added ‘Close’ button to final screen in signing process to better notify signers they are finished signing and can ‘close’ the tab/window. Effectively takes the same action as the ‘Quit’ button would, so it will not affect ‘FinishURL’ or other integrated clients.
  • Included more information on the ‘consent’ screen for signers using SMS authentication. SIGNiX clients indicated that signers didn’t know what to look for in the SMS message, so signers are now advised to open the message and enter the 6 character code. The ‘Resend Code’ button was also changed in color to red to differentiate it from the ‘Next’ button. Finally, removed the word “shared” from the text message sent to be more technically accurate.*
  • Resolved issue where signer would be redirected back to the document if they mistyped a Signing Password after applying a signature(s). Signer will now be prompted to re-enter without leaving the password dialog.
  • Updated Spanish translation for new editor and signing process (Still in process, more polish expected)


  • Updated internal systems to allow for TLS1.2 connection to authentication provider. No user experience changes expected.
  • Expanding usage of HTML-based email for additional clients
  • Updated granularity of internal client preference for unique email for personal document center (PDC), and refined PDC merge logic for non-demo identities

Other Items

  • None

Please let your SIGNiX representative know if you have any questions. Thanks for your business!


*Features are optional and may incur additional cost.