The SIGNiX Signature Service has been updated to include a key number of highly requested user experience updates, client customizations, defect fixes, and infrastructure improvements.

The version number has incremented to 139.1, as we delivered a quick patch to address a specific customer issue.

 API / Integration

  • Partner / Integrator-chosen TransactionIDs can now be used within DownloadDocument and ConfirmDownload API calls to replace current standard of DocSetID

User Experience

  • The signing experience color scheme can now be changed. SIGNiX can not only change logos but also finally enable new colors for buttons, headers and other aspects of the interface*




  • Password recovery interface has been updated to better handle mobile and small screens
  • Continuing work on an updated wizard/document preparation experience expected to be released in 2017
  • Users can now hit ‘Enter’ to accept Intent to Sign after Signing Password entry
  • Minor improvements to Document Preview functionality (if enabled)
  • eNotary state is now being reproduced correctly on seal*


  • SIGNiX will attempt to automatically repair PDFs if SIGNiX detects they are uploaded with errors*
  • Updated PDF rendering technology

Other Items

  • Client specific updates for password customization
  • Client specific updates for white label/embedding
  • Continuing infrastructure security improvements
  • Minor defect resolution for Quit and session handling

*Feature is optional and must be enabled. Additional charges may be incurred. Please contact SIGNiX to learn more.