Based on significant customer feedback, this month's SIGNiX update brings substantial changes to the notarial experience, including a new e-notary profile page where notaries can now visually search and view their journal, recordings and commission information, all from the comfort of a single screen! In addition, we've added many other feature enhancements and fixes for not only the notary experience, but also other improvements and updates as well.


API / Integration*

  • Extending the SIGNiX FlexAPI to support creating a list of notaries to potentially display to integrated systems based on certain criteria. (SIG-802, 803, 804)
  • Added the ability to combine document subsets with an embedded wizard UI experience to allow for custom submitter workflows (SIG-953, 954)
  • Fixed issue with attachments outside of document subsets (SIG-983)

User Experience

eNotaryDox Improvements / Fixes*
  • New e-notary profile page where notaries can now visually search and view their journal, recordings and commission information, all from the comfort of a single screen! No more searching through transactions to download recordings or using the Add Signer screen to change your commission information or seal image. Information will be automatically brought into the wizard (I am the Signer).NOTE: A new tab may open with this information. (SIG-867, 868, 869, 870, 871, 873, 966)

  • Transactions may be submitted to notaries, allowing for use cases where the submitter may not in fact be a notary. Submitters may now search for notaries to add to their transaction - and those notaries will be the host for the online meeting and see the entry in their journal / recordings via the profile above. (SIG-920, 922)
  • A new workflow has been added to allow Florida notaries (only) to process estate planning and other critical documents per Section 117.285, Florida Statutes. NOTE: This will be enabled soon after the release, but not at the same time. (SIG-924, 925, 926, 927)
  • Identity proofing and credential analysis (KBAID) is no longer required for a signer IF they have completed their part of the transaction. This allows signers to download their documents without having to be re-subjected to knowledge-based questions and ID scanning. (SIG-860)
  • The printed eNotary Journal received a new coat of paint! The journal now features the SIGNiX logo, title text with commission information and date of generation, pagination, and a header row on each page. (SIG-856. 857)
  • Now will block rare PDFs that would result in notary stamp being turned on its side / skewed and not in good order. (SIG-945)
  • Added time zone drop-down to online meeting scheduler. (SIG-940)
  • Fixed issue where notary didn't have to assign a stamp to a specific signer when prompted. (SIG-914)
  • Fixed bug where notary stamp could get stuck if dragged too close to edge of document during set-up (SIG-938)

Other User Experience Improvements / Fixes

  • Documents tab in Wizard now supports the upload or drag & drop of multiple documents at once, simplifying the creation of transactions with more than one PDF (SIG-892)
  • Updated KBA screen text to include a two minute warning. (SIG-909)
  • Resolved issues with Address Book relating to two word first/last names, as well as update/delete bug. (SIG-912, 947)
  • Fixed uncommon issue where View History couldn't be viewed by users with certain permissions (SIG-944)
  • Changed text in Text dialog to better reflect use. Now instead of 'Value,' it says, "Default Text" (SIG-959)


  • Updated internal notary report (SIG-957)
  • Updated internal reporting for timestamp error handling (SIG-969)
  • Resolved issue with scheduled tasks and attachments (SIG-895)
  • DocSet Description now added to additional transaction events to assist in support efforts (SIG-899)

Other Items

  • Added additional controls around KBA-ID fails (SIG-858)
  • Updated authentication service for SMSNoPassword (SIG-837)

Known Issues

  • SIGNiX is aware of an issue where the 'demo' transaction toggle may not be working correctly for some clients. We have temporarily disabled that toggle and will be reviewing changes to re-enable as soon as possible.

Please let your SIGNiX representative know if you have any questions. Thanks for your business!

*Feature is optional and may or may not be available based on client product used. Additional fees may be charged.