This update includes several critical client-requested features and fixes, as well as improvements to the new Document Dashboard interface which will go into beta in the next few months. Release 159 also boasts substantial architectural upgrades to signature cryptographic capabilities, timestamps, and other security aspects of the SIGNiX service.


API / Integration

  • Updated use cases in developer-facing test harnesses to better reflect current usage of API calls. (SIG-546)

User Experience

  • Continuing work on the new Dashboard first introduced in the last release to increase its performance, stability and features for an upcoming beta.  (SIG-613, 616, 618, 633, 586, 545, 56)
  • Resolved issue with multi-document templates where deleting one document could affect fields on another. (SIG-608)
  • Resolved regression issue where search box had disappeared from Personal Document Center interface in previous release. (SIG-605)
  • Signers will now be prompted to confirm if they want a new SMS code sent to them (and other fixes to SMS authentication) (SIG-585, 583)
  • Signers choosing not to add attachments to a transaction now have a clearer user experience informing them of their choices (SIG-571)
  • Fixed spelling error on acknowledge dialog (SIG-658)


  • SIGNiX now supports SHA-2, SHA-384 and SHA-512 hashing across the board (SIG-587, 122, 654)
  • Improved internal architecture around timestamp fail-over timing (SIG-570)
  • Improved ability of certain client preferences to work in a wider variety of internal scenarios (SIG-604, 603, 602, 601, 600, 599, 598, 565, 564) 
  • Continued improvements to event logging and retention (SIG-617, 561)
  • Improved billing events and reports for notary transactions (SIG-589)
  • Added more verbose events for KBA success, failure to audit trail (SIG-518)
  • Resolved very rare issue where multiple push notifications and emails would be generated in duplicate (SIG-168)
  • General code optimization, updates and security improvements (SIG-457, 452, 434, 432, 417, 414, 660)  

Other Items

  • Resolved minor issues with SIGNiX-facing UI (SIG-620, 634)
  • Code added for future authentication service (will be available in next release) (SIG-520, 519, 516)

Known Issues

  • The new Dashboard is not (at this time) compatible with Edge / Internet Explorer 11.

Please let your SIGNiX representative know if you have any questions. Thanks for your business!

*Feature is optional and may or may not be available based on client product used. Additional fees may be charged.