The latest update to the SIGNiX Signature Service includes highly requested features such as signature image upload, as well as numerous bug fixes, authentication vendor improvements and updates.


API / Integration

  • Resolved issues with ‘Reason’ field during integration of 21CFR11 signatures and workflows (API only). Also resolved other inconsistencies with printed name and reason.
  • Modified ‘view’ experience in GAL call / embedded signing transition

User Experience

  • Signers can now choose to upload an image rather than draw a signature when they create their signature appearance by clicking the Upload On mobile, users can even snap a picture of a wet ink signature and use that image.



  • Updated language in Finished Signing dialog to be more intuitive


  • Latest submitter MyDoX Wizard and Editor:
    • Added MassMailer™ two party support to the latest version of the Wizard submission interface.*
    • Addressed issue where submitters would experience problems editing signers and order when more than 10 signers were added to a single transaction in the latest Wizard signer tab.
    • Fixed issues where transactions started as ‘Suspend on Start’ couldn’t be resumed in latest Wizard.
    • Resolved dropdown and scroll issues in latest version of the document editor in situations where large documents were involved.
    • Pop a dialog after a Read, Agree or Acknowledge task is added, explaining who the task was added for and how to delete it.
    • Disabled Address Book in new Wizard, pending re-design. Can enable/disable in future as option.
  • Signers are now more clearly informed they need to Accept or Decline the Legal Consent before entering an SMS text code


  • Made background changes to knowledge-based authentication provider. No changes required to API calls or testing procedures.*
  • Implemented new internal billing reporting for KBA authentication, and added additional submitter detail to other billing reports
  • Created better internal controls over which emails are permitted to be delivered for each client.

Other Items

  • Fixed very rare issue with audit trails using wrong coversheet ID
  • Resolved bug which had removed Submitter Link from submitter completion emails.
  • Fixed issue where long signer names and/or large numbers of signers could lead to issues with transaction completion/status.
  • Added transaction name to email sent to submitter when an unsupported browser is used by a signer
  • Addressed issues with submitter password changes and odd errors.

Please let your SIGNiX representative know if you have any questions. Thanks for your business!


*Features are optional and may incur additional cost.