The SIGNiX Signature Service has been patched to address a number of issues affecting signers and submitters, including a password reset bug and session timeout.


API / Integration

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User Experience

  • Resolved password reset / loop issue. A small number of users had difficulty resetting their password. These users had used the SIGNiX system previously then re-accessed the system recently. This issue should no longer occur.
  • Fixed issue where session timeout wasn’t accurately taking into account submitter activity in the editor. This primarily affected submitters who spent longer than 10 minutes preparing documents using the drag-and-drop tools in the editor.


  • Fixed emails not being sent to submitters in certain situations when knowledge-based authentication failed.

Other Items

  • Addressed workgroup limitation of internal, SIGNiX-facing submitter link client preference.

Please let your SIGNiX representative know if you have any questions. Thanks for your business!