The SIGNiX Signature Service has been updated to include a small number of user experience updates, client customizations, and architecture improvements.

The version number is now 140.

 API / Integration

  • Continuing development on upcoming, enhanced capabilities for white labeling and embedding.

User Experience

  • 21 CFR 11 - PharmaDoX™ - Implemented optional (now default) preference to disable ability of Submitters to delete individual, required 21 CFR 11 fields such as Reason or Printed Name.*
  • Significant behind-the-scenes work on new responsive versions of the SIGNiX MyDoX Wizard and drag-and-drop document editor** - Coming Soon!


  • Email bounce notifications are now implemented. If an email address is incorrect, the SIGNiX mail system will attempt to send the email several times before resulting in what’s known as a hard bounce (usually about an 8-hour process). That or other permanent email failures will trigger the SIGNiX system to send an email notification to the Submitter containing the error reported by the recipient’s email system and to add the email address to a blacklist so it will not attempt in the future. SIGNiX will add descriptions of the most common errors in its FAQ at .
    Email Notice.png
  • Attachments
    • Resolved workflow issue relating to quitting a transaction or refreshing webpage prior to completing attachment task
    • Resolved issue when ‘no attachment’ is clicked
  • Further implementation of service monitoring tools to ensure better customer experiences.
  • Enhanced redundancy of document rendering subsystems to improve system availability.

Other Items

  • Credential recovery
    • Email monitoring address updated per client request
    • Client-specific customization enabled for text substitution


* Optional client preference. SIGNiX can enable if requested.

** These new updates can be previewed now in our test environment. Please contact SIGNiX if you’d like to take a look.