This is one of the largest SIGNiX updates ever undertaken, and incorporates a huge amount of client-requested enhancements, bug fixes, and general quality-of-life improvements to the SIGNiX platform. Most importantly, we've overhauled the underlying document presentation system to be more responsive and efficient, particularly with larger documents.

We've improved the visibility of the drawn signature, and we've added a new 'default' signature appearance to speed up the signature process for new signers, eliminating a click or two on their way to sign a document.

We'll now notify users when a maintenance is planned or an incident is in progress within the signing and wizard experience.

If the signer gets ahead of the fields required to be filled out, we've enhanced our capability to let the signer know which fields need to be filled in before signatures can be completed.  We'll now highlight those fields and move the signer to that position in the document.

...and the list goes on and on...nearly 100 unique fixes, tweaks and new features, all detailed below.

(152 - Note that the codes in parentheses represent internal issue/tracking numbers that might have been provided to clients.)


API / Integration

  • Resolved issue where Allow Wizard Access preference wasn’t carrying through to user experience. (FT-751, FT-780)
  • Fixed conflict between new wizard and GetAccessLink Submitter calls where some tasks could not be removed from documents (FT-783)
  • Increased support for how integrated clients can send us editable fields as required or optional. (MIT-716)
  • Improved signer attachment support for integrated clients, resolving issues with ‘Accept Fewer than Minimum,’ and document subsets, as well as editing dialogs for adding attachments.* (MIT-583, MIT-586, MIT-670, MIT-710)
  • Addressed issue with GetAccessLink and tab enablement (FT-795)
  • Fixed issue with new wizard/editor and GAL returns error of “No PDC found,” as well as issue with ‘null’ signer and ‘I am Signer’ checkbox (FT-824, FT-825)
  • New authentication / signing process methods added for KYC with one click and no password options.* (MIT-751)

User Experience

  • Added an icon at the top of the screen that appears when maintenances are planned / in progress or incidents are occurring. The icon links to our status page to provide additional information (FT-601)
  • Reduced clicks for the signer by implementing a ‘default’ signature appearance, rather than requiring signers to choose one before proceeding. This can be disabled if requested.* (FT-654)
  • Text fields available to a signer that are not currently highlighted now have a slightly green color so they show up against the document background. (FT-728)
  • In the Wizard, if a PDF is added that already has PDF fields on it, submitter will be asked if they want to assign fields to a signer in the transaction (pre-existing signature field on form is required) (FT-474, MIT-808) (MyDoX Only)
  • When the editor is embedded, in addition to the Save button, we will now automatically save progress for the submitter every couple of minutes. (FT-618)
  • Signers will now be directed to highlighted fields needing to be completed after attempting to sign (FT-669)
  • Fixed issue where signer’s full name wasn’t reflected in Wizard Signer list (FT-600)
  • Introduces MyDoX Address Book to allow submitters to add, manage entries easily. Submitters can also upload entries using a CSV file.* (FT-602, FT-603, FT-673)
    • Please contact your SIGNiX account manager if you’d like to opt-in to this feature for MyDoX.
    • (Known issues that will be resolved in next release: User notifications when address book entries might be changed by various actions, button formatting.)
  • Submitters can now add more than two radio buttons in a group in the editor. (FT-665, FT-850)
  • Fixed issue where all text was being selected when a signer attempted to click and drop a cursor into a text field. (FT-719)
  • Improved drawn signature experience. The thickness of the ‘pen’ used to draw the signature has been increased to reduce concerns of ‘faint signatures and initials.’ Also removed ability to ‘edit’ the signature lines as it was not intuitive nor helpful. (FT-720, FT-777)
  • In the editor, the Read Only and Mandatory checkboxes in the Edit Field dialog have been changed to toggles to make it easier to understand (FT-722)
  • Added messaging when an XFA-based PDF is uploaded. (FT-734)
  • Fixed issue where client preference governing middle name usage could cause a rare issue in wizard. (FT-740)
  • Added client preference to adjust how optional editable fields are navigated to* (MIT-758)
  • Removed error when certain special characters were used in Opt Out dialog. (FT-765)
  • Previously filled PDF fields in the Wizard / Editor will display their content even when unassigned. (FT-767)
  • Resolved odd dialog issue where mandatory and date field for signatures / initials couldn’t be toggled off at the same time. (FT-776)
  • Fixed Wizard dialog retaining unnecessary data for authentication (FT-778)
  • ReadyDoX will now properly honor logo and color customization* (FT-779)
  • Signature previews will now properly resize in editor for newly dragged as well as pretagged documents. (FT-789)
  • Improved Notary experience in new Wizard. Provided messaging to assure that notary is always the last signer, the dialog and fields for notary information are clearer, invalid dates for notary registration are called out immediately as opposed to transaction send.* (FT-699, FT-790, FT-791, FT-792)
  • Better error messaging presented to notary signer on Notary Information Screen if proper info is not added.* (FT-793)
  • Clarified text when delegating a document.* (FT-794)
  • Wizard now includes toggle to prompt signer for identity information during KBA/KYC authentication instead of submitter (FT-350)
  • Renaming a document now works better in the Wizard documents screen (FT-606)
  • Fixed rare issue where single checkboxes formatted a specific way may throw ‘Single Radio Button on Document’ error. (MIT-799)
  • Updated SMS authentication experience and instruction text to provide clearer consent cues* (MIT-749, FT-672)
  • Added more statuses (‘Downloaded’) to transactions in Personal Document Center* (MIT-767)
  • Resolved issue where certain controls disappear when Next is clicked on Welcome screen (MIT-785)


  • Resolved issue where parallel signers could access transaction at the same time. (FT-622)
  • Updated overall document rendering processes to speed load time for longer documents and improve multiple client workflows (MIT-712)
    • Fixed issues resulting from MIT-712 (MIT-498, MIT-797, MIT-798, FT-843, FT-847, MIT-803, MIT-787, MIT-806, MIT-807, FT-869, FT-875)
  • Added additional support to email customization for process templates introduced earlier this year.* (FT-726)
  • Resolved issue with multiline text fields in IE11 and Edge browsers (FT-742)
  • Improved capability to support password history limits.* (MIT-752)
  • Added experimental feature to improve image loading response time (MIT-740)
  • Improved internal cryptographic test functions as well as Workgroup guide (MIT-717, MIT-536)
  • Resolved some issues with dragging and dropping fields across pages. (MIT-780)

Other Items

  • Updated ‘PIN/Password’ to ‘Password’ across user experience to avoid complications, as well as updated text to further clarity (FT-709, FT-784, FT-785, FT-786, MIT-745)
  • Aligned password reset / rules in new document center and MyDox accounts (MIT-692, MIT-609, MIT-729)
  • Triggered confirmation email for password resets at higher authentication levels (MIT-709)
  • Resolved rare error dialog when opening template from MyDoX (FT-713)
  • Added friendly, human-readable text to the ‘BLOB’ error messages (FT-721)
  • Numerous client-specific email and other customization changes (FT-723, FT-761, FT-781, MIT-720, MIT-804, FT-852, MIT-647)
  • Updating timestamp protocol for better compatibility (MIT-800)
  • Improved document purge controls to cover additional use cases.* (FT-813)

Known Issues

  • iOS – As a signer, when completing text fields on a form where the signature/initial is placed before the text field and the highlighting of fields function is active (FT-669), signer may encounter issues where system will advance them to an already completed field. Entered text also may be difficult to see depending on zoom level. Working on a fix. (FT-867, FT-868)
  • iOS – While accessing the new Wizard as a submitter, user might have difficulty viewing previously completed documents. Working on a fix.
  • Wizard / Address Book: User notifications when address book entries might be changed by various actions are inconsistent, button formatting needs improvement. Working on a fix.

Please let your SIGNiX representative know if you have any questions. Thanks for your business!

*Feature is optional and may or may not be available based on client product used. Additional fees may be charged.