We have quite a few updates and improvements unveiling in this update, including numerous fixes to the editor and wizard based on client requests. We’re also introducing the ability to disable uploading of signature images and a dropdown to easily change workgroups for MyDoX submitters. 


API / Integration

  • Initial implementation of document templates, which will allow integrations to save, re-use and merge tagged documents and presaved transactions. More to follow, including cost and release date.
  • Initial implementation of process (‘branding’) templates, which will allow integrations to save and re-use custom branding and process options for various end users. For example, different colors, logos, and email text could be shown for different clients, and that branding can be set by integrated partners for each client via API. More to follow, including cost and release date.

User Experience

  • In the new Wizard, the ‘Transaction Modified’ screen won’t pop-up after heading Home after successfully sending a transaction.
  • A new dropdown tool has been introduced into the Document Center to allow submitters to easily shift between workgroups without having to log out and click different access links.
  • Fixed a bug in the new editor where an initial value entered into a text field would not be displayed properly in the text Field dialog box.
  • Fixed an issue in the new editor where radio buttons were not deleted properly when a parent signature or initial was deleted.
  • Updated toolbar to mobile presentation in scenarios when editor height falls below a certain pixel parameter (on desk/laptops with smaller screens).
  • Updated the Address Book functionality significantly. Now we will be able to control access/visibility to the Address Book and whether entries are shared, private or controlled only by an admin. In addition, the submitter can have more control over which signers are added to the address book, including CSV import. (Still in progress, and will be available soon)
  • Submitters should no longer be able to access the Send tab if a field is still being placed and processed on the Signatures (editor) tab.
  • Submitters should no longer see a ‘blue screen’ / selection if they click-drag from a gear or other field tool into the document. This only occurred in specific scenarios and should be dramatically reduced now.
  • Removed extraneous text in new Wizard relating to ‘row selected.’
  • Fixed issue where MassMailer in new Wizard did not properly render errors after CSV import.
  • Resolved bug where initial date field could not be enabled after being disabled a few times in a row.
  • Checkbox 'value' text in dialog box has been updated to be more user friendly ("Is Checked?")
  • Fixed an issue in a unique scenario where a pretagged document with multiple assigned fields manipulated in the editor might prevent the signer from completing signing.
  • Based on customer requests, SIGNiX now can disable upload of images for signatures. In addition, we’ve constrained further the types of image files that can be uploaded.
  • Session timeout will now correctly be updated as signers take actions with a document.
  • Resolved an issue where large document sizes (>8.5 x 11 in) affected placement of signatures. Signatures will now show at proper size and location.
  • The default SIGNiX legal consent text has been updated to better reflect current system requirements listed at https://www.signix.com/system-requirements
  • Signature preview shown while signing now properly reflects middle name preference (as it does in editor and on final signed PDF)
  • Initial fix for issue with SMS code and legal consent bug


  • Researched document caching to improve performance. 
  • Updated HTML email to allow for second button for Personal Document Center link.
  • Building out internal functionality to improve password granularity and control.

Other Items

  • To assist in support, we’ve added references to which web server and transaction is currently being used. To access this, in the wizard and in signing, the text is very faint, and placed to the right of the ‘PRIVACY POLICY’ at the bottom of the page. In the editor, you can open the Document Fields dialog and see the webserver reference there:
  • New Maintenance page – updated with updated logo, link to status page
  • Modified permissible characters in PDF field names to address specific client issues
  • Changed wording of signing exception to be more understandable and lead signers to status page.
  • Updated internal customization capabilities for consent.
  • Added additional capabilities to internal billing and activity reports.
  • Various platform hardening and maintenance updates.

Please let your SIGNiX representative know if you have any questions. Thanks for your business!


*Features are optional and may incur additional cost.