The SIGNiX Signature Service has been updated with a large number of features and improvements across integration, user experience, and architecture, and also includes foundational work for new capabilities just around the corner. (142)

 API / Integration

  • NEW! Re-invigorated capability to set a document deletion / retention timeline at a transactional level with the DelDocsAfter parameter. With this, clients can set a time in days that they wish a document to be available at SIGNiX. After that point, and a confirmation of download, SIGNiX will delete these documents permanently. For more information, please contact your SIGNiX representative.*
  • Push notifications can now be enabled for bounced emails, allowing integrations to better manage user responses. To enable, please contact your SIGNiX representative.*

User Experience

  • Pages rendered in signing and the new (unreleased) wizard / document editor are now centered on the screen.
  • Much improved options for branding in the Wizard and Signing Experiences are just around the corner. For example, document tabs (Begin Document / End Document) and their border, fill and text color can now be customized for improved branding consistency. Contact SIGNiX for branding options.*
  • Improved experience and layout in credential / password recovery screens and dialogs
  • Fixed Print feature during/after signing on Internet Explorer 11
  • Mandatory / required fields (signatures, text, etc) are now labeled as ‘Required’ to match experience for ‘optional’ fields
  • Updated Opt Out choice language to reduce confusion: “Online signing will no longer be available for these documents.”
  • Ongoing, significant work preparing the next generation document editor and wizard interface for release in 1H2017


  • Resolved issues with email bounce suspension logic
  • Clients can now choose whether transactions with bounced emails are suspended automatically or not. (Default option is to suspend.)*
  • Fixed issues with removing legacy email bottleneck and delivery of CC attachments
  • Implemented new version of PDF renderer
  • Reworked how client preferences are stored and managed internally

Other Items

  • Client specific updates to email content and delivery
  • Client specific fixes for download document and JSON calls
  • Client specific and system-wide fixes for SSO implementations
  • Resolved issues with multiple workgroup log in / log out

*Feature is optional and must be enabled. Additional charges may be incurred. Please contact SIGNiX to learn more.