On Monday, October 10th, the SIGNiX Signature Service was updated to include a small number of user experience updates, client customizations, and architecture improvements.

The version number is now 139.3.

 API / Integration

  • Resolved issue with signer attachment functionality not working with TIFF files.

User Experience

  • In the interests of making the user experience speedier, SIGNiX has now introduced an option to combine the once-separate Finish and Intent dialog pop-ups for the SMS and KBA One Click authentication modes ONLY. This option is currently disabled for most clients, but can be enabled if preferred.



  • Continuing development items for new internal, real-time document storage mechanism as well as updated event logging. No impact to users or clients.
  • Improving internal server and service monitoring tools to ensure better customer experiences.

Other Items

  • Client specific updates for BCC email handling.
  • Resolved issues with credential recovery confirmation email delivery.
  • Client specific updates for white label features.