This release includes substantial updates to SIGNiX electronic notary features, including the introduction of online Zoom Meetings which can be launched directly from the SIGNiX interface to facilitate remote notarizations.* In addition, numerous client-requested improvements, bug fixes and features have been added, including better prompts regarding passwords, easier drawn signature capture, tooltips, and more.


API / Integration

  • N/A

User Experience

  • Substantial improvements to eNotary functionality*
    • Notary commission information is now saved so notary won’t need to re-key information (SIG-260, SIG-302)
    • eNotary Journal is now available for download from the Document Center, allowing eNotaries to download information about their notarization events (SIG-261)
    • A new default graphical notary seal has been added, and notaries can now upload their own seal to be displayed on the final signed and notarized document. (SIG-263, SIG-264, SIG-409, SIG-430)
    • Start an online notarization meeting directly from SIGNiX MyDoX. With this initial release, SIGNiX now offers notaries the ability to start or schedule a compliant, online meeting for remote enotarization. Invites to the meeting can be sent to signers, and the meeting will be recorded locally. (SIG-426, SIG-461)*
  • Updated password prompt text to better inform signer about required / optional characters. (SIG-52, SIG-317)
  • Address Book quality of life updates in MyDoX. (SIG-211, SIG-212, SIG-404)
  • 21CFR11 – Submitter can now change Reason after dropping signature on document (only in latest version of Wizard). (SIG-215)
  • Improved behavior of TAB / SHIFT+TAB when navigating through tasks on a document. (SIG-297)
  • Added tooltips to key icons in signing and wizard (SIG-405, SIG-406)
  • Updated drawn signature interface to make it easier (SIG-446)
  • Users can now crop and rotate uploaded signature images (SIG-459)
  • Added text to ReadyDoX™ landing page to indicate middle name is optional (SIG-464)


  • Internal code changes to accelerate cloud archive storage initiative, storage subsystem timeouts, add logging, and retire older code. (SIG-267, SIG-407, SIG-413, SIG-454)
  • Improved operation of preference governing carbon copy emails. (SIG-398)
  • Updates to purge / document retention & deletion functionality. (SIG-399)

Other Items

  • Small UI changes with default signature (SIG-97)
  • Improved error handling with Document Tasks dialog (SIG-401)

Known Issues

  • eNotary: Microsoft Edge browser ONLY -  If notary tries to notarize two documents in SAME transaction, notary seal may not be properly displayed on second or later documents. Workaround: Notarize one document at a time per transaction.

Please let your SIGNiX representative know if you have any questions. Thanks for your business!

*Feature is optional and may or may not be available based on client product used. Additional fees may be charged.