Wow, it’s March already! This patch includes remediation fixes for issues noted in the newer (UXR3) editor, especially when embedded.



API / Integration

  • No changes.

User Experience

  • Resolved issue where checkboxes and radio buttons did not properly maintain parent-child relationship with signatures/initials in API integration or templates (MyDoX)
  • Fixed issue where radio buttons in PDF documents submitted via SubmitDocument (API) or templates (MyDoX) weren’t always rendering properly & causing Javascript errors.
  • Resolved problems with specific client forms not rendering properly with radio buttons/checkboxes, causing odd visual artifacts in embedded UXR3 editor, or preventing use of the toolbar.
  • Changed dialog in UXR3 editor for checkboxes so ‘Mandatory’ and ‘Read Only’ could not be checked at same time, which had caused issues during signing.
  • Fixed help link in dialog during MassMailer process to point to correct SIGNIX help page for MassMailer functionality.*


  • No changes.

Other Items

  • No changes.

Please let your SIGNiX representative know if you have any questions. Thanks for your business!


*Features are optional and may incur additional cost.