The SIGNiX Signature Service has been updated with an exciting new feature for enhanced legal compliance, a few bug fixes and issue resolutions, as well as substantial foundational work preparing the next generation document editor and other architectural improvements. (143)

 API / Integration

  • No changes.

User Experience

  • Strong Consent Option. Clients now have the option to specifically require users to definitively scroll through and review e-signature consent language prior to authentication and signing.* Please contact SIGNiX for more information. 
  • Ongoing, significant work preparing the next generation document editor and wizard interface for release in 1H2017


  • Internal improvement to billing subsystems
  • Improved password configuration and customization by client
  • Improved handling of PDFs that may impact image rendering components
  • Updated PDF rendering engine

Other Items

  • Consent language added, unique to single client
  • Client specific updates to email content for knowledge-based authentication
  • Implemented better rules around when transactions can and cannot be suspended
  • Fixed client preference relating to restricting drawn signatures
  • Resolved issues with 21 CFR 11 field restriction also restricting editing of non-21 CFR 11 specific fieldsClient specific updates to email content and delivery

*Feature is optional and must be enabled. Additional charges may be incurred. Please contact SIGNiX to learn more.