Optional Signatures…Optimized
If you’ve used optional signatures in your workflows, you know that this has sometimes been a hassle. No longer! We’ve gone in and redesigned optional signatures down to the core to drastically improve their performance.
Now, signers must opt out of an optional signature or initial by clicking on an opt-out flag. That opt out action is also captured on the audit trail, ensuring evidence is captured whether someone signs or not.
This work on optional signatures has also resolved a number of other longstanding workflow issues.

Enhanced Signer Evidence

SIGNiX has always prided itself on evidence, and now we’re going a step further by embedding even more into the signed document. Within each signature, relying parties can now see the IP address*, documentsetID (transaction ID) and browser information for the signer. This information can also be used to easily tie complex multi-document transactional audit trails to individual digitally signed PDFs.

 Updated Signature Flags

Based on requests from our clients, we’ve changed the transparency of our signature flags to make it easier to see text that might be hidden underneath. We also shortened the text so the flags fit better inside the signature frame.

Other Items

·       MyDoX Wizard: Can now upload password protected PDFs into the Wizard. Submitter will be prompted to enter the password.
·       Resolved some minor signer experience issues
·       Client-specific customizations and issue resolution.
·       Updated PDF renderer.

Release Notes Key

Product features and enhancements are generally divided into categories based on where they change and who they affect.

  • SIGNING INTERFACE: Visible to all signers using the latest signing experience.
  • WIZARD / DOC CENTER: Visible only to those users and clients/partners who use the SIGNiX browser-based dashboard and document preparation controls.
  • INTEGRATION ONLY:This feature only affects those clients/partners who access SIGNiX via the Web Services API and have integrated the Signature Engine into their own services and products.
  • OPTIONAL: This feature can be turned on and off by SIGNiX, and in order to use / test this, you will need to contact SIGNiX.
  • OTHER: These features may affect all clients and signers.