This update addresses numerous client-reported issues with notary workflows as well as FlexAPI integrations and integration-specific features. 


API / Integration*

  • Resolved numerous issues with signer attachment functionality via FlexAPI, including No Attachment errors. (SIG-984, 1041, 1042)
  • Addressed issue with radio button / check box coming thru SubmitDocument with no default value but displaying as if it had one. (SIG-1045)
  • Updated reference IDs for user added documents in embedded Wizard scenarios to allow for QueryTransactionStatus use cases. (SIG-1035)
  • Fixed issue where EmailFromName transactional CP wasn't being applied properly in Reminder and Expiration emails. (SIG-1057)

User Experience

Notary-specific Enhancements*

  • To remedy uncommon text message delivery issues during credential analysis ('Secondary Authentication') step, SIGNiX will now send the link not only to a mobile number but also via email to the principal in question. (SIG-946)
  • The Hold Email option and button introduced in Release 164 now will properly display its proper status to reduce confusion when using the capability. (SIG-1036)
  • Added additional, helpful text to the Secondary Authentication screen regarding 'Upload Successful.' (SIG-964)
  • Resolved issue where online meeting scheduling would encounter a rare error relating to year-end. (SIG-1020)
  • Wizard will no longer redundantly check for notary image size during Add Signer step; it already checks that when the image is added to the profile. (SIG-1046)
  • Removed rare, confusing access to non-notary specific interface / page (SIG-1018)

Other Updates

  • Updated signature font handling so that lower case letters with trailing characters (y, g, j, etc) will no longer be cut off. (SIG-1011)
  • Unstarted transactions will now be displayed in all filters in the new Dashboard. (SIG-961)


  • Updated PDF processing to reduce file size and avoid so-called COS table errors on documents with many fields and signatures. (SIG-1019)
  • Updated internal controls to allow for more granularity when setting up ID expiration for notary credential authentication. (SIG-968)
  • Evolved internal logic for user identity lookups. (SIG-985)
  • Added new tools for retention controls within MyDoX accounts (outside of FlexAPI). (SIG-999)
  • Updated KYC Express service processing to better handle repeated workflow steps. (SIG-1047)
  • Resolved rare issue with Null Pointer exceptions during Certificate of Completion generation (SIG-1063)
  • Addressed issues with a specific client integration relating to user setup and login (SIG-1062)

Other Items

  • Updated links to SIGNiX Privacy Policy. (SIG-1038)

Known Issues

  • n/a

Please let your SIGNiX representative know if you have any questions. Thanks for your business!

*Feature is optional and may or may not be available based on client product used. Additional fees may be charged.