The SIGNiX Signature Service has been updated with a significant number of new features for embedded signing, user experience improvements and issue resolutions. We are also completing our work on the next generation editor and MyDoX Wizard and hope to have that available in the next month or so!


 API / Integration

  • New, combined 21 CFR 11 signature field allows integrators to use 21 CFR 11 without having to pre-tag a variety of extra fields. Printed Name and Reason will all display alongside signature in the signature field.*
  • Expanded embedded signing features to include process complete notifications and better communication of transaction status in API calls*
  • Improved several user interface aspects of document subsets (folders) and fixed several operational issues with optional subsets*
  • International SMS authentication is now available.*
  • Improved validation for party and document deletion to eliminate unnecessary errors

User Experience

  • Made small, cosmetic interface changes to the signing interface
  • Ongoing, significant work preparing the next generation document editor and wizard interface for release in summer 2017, including support for MassMailer™, in-person signing, drag-and-drop re-ordering of parties and documents, and 21 CFR 11 signatures.
  • Password reset screens have been optimized to minimize extra user clicks
  • New preference can now toggle whether a date field will automatically accompany an initial onto the page in the editor*


  • Implemented more efficient techniques for queries in MyDoX Document Center

Other Items

  • Improved identity matching and handling for Personal Document Center (PDC) clients*
  • Resolved issue with non-PDC client receiving PDC links
  • Resolved client-specific issue with Submitter Link preference
  • Fixed client-specific issue with secure push notifications
  • Signature appearance toggle graphic now correctly matches customized color schemes


*Features are optional and may incur additional cost.