The SIGNiX Signature Service has been updated to resolve several client-specific issues as well as introduce further refinements to user experiences in signing, document preparation and the document centers.


 API / Integration

  • Resolved issue with embedded signing experience not quitting correctly or passing correct URL

User Experience

  • Implemented optional date range searching, filtering and improved performance for the MyDoX Document Center and Personal Document Center* screens
PDC filtering - July 2017 - 146.png
  • Ongoing, significant work preparing the next generation document editor and wizard interface for release in summer 2017, resolving beta bugs and issues, and also including improved document loading, color-coded fields, notary support, and additional address book features.


  • N/A

Other Items

  • Initial support for delivering HTML formatted pick-up link emails. More information to follow as development continues
  • Addressed legacy document center access and workgroup issues
  • Fixed issue with optional document subsets where opting in after other subsets had been signed and completed would prevent signer from completing transaction
  • Centered signature appearance toggle


*Features are optional and may incur additional cost.