Enjoy Vendor FreedomTM With SIGNiX Digital Signatures

digital signature vendor freedom

You probably know from personal experience that changing from one service provider to another can be tough. But you might not know that some less-scrupulous vendors build roadblocks specifically designed to lock customers into their service. This is something the technology industry calls “vendor lock-in.”

We think locking you into one technology is kind of sneaky. We’d much rather you stay on as our customers because you like our products, our customer service and the security we provide with our digital signatures. That’s why we offer something we call Vendor FreedomTM.

Our digital signatures and their cryptographic information are embedded into your signed documents, so you don’t need to be a SIGNiX customer, or come back to our website, just to check if they are valid. In fact, you don’t even need to be connected to the Internet to verify your signatures!

You might wonder how we’re able to offer Vendor Freedom when none of our competitors can. The key is in the signature! Our signatures are true digital signatures (learn about electronic vs. digital signatures if you’re not sure what the difference is), which means the signatures travel with the document no matter where it goes. This also means that our signatures are based on actual documented technical standards that aren’t proprietary to us. They are, and have been, well known in the technology sector for more than 20 years.