Signing Experience Enhancements

  • Document Rendering for Signers – SIGNING EXPERIENCE. New methods have been deployed to make documents appear faster and more consistent to the signer.
  • New Digitally Signed logo – SIGNING EXPERIENCE. A shiny new logo will appear next to signatures that takes up less horizontal space, leaving more room for the signature.


Other Product Updates:

  • Email Bounce Notifications. SIGNiX is now happy to offer email bounce notifications to submitters when emails are sent to an address that does not exist or is experiencing an error. Going forward, if an email address is wrong, the submitter will receive an email to that effect and the transaction will be paused so the submitter can contact the signer and fix the email address. NOTE – This feature will be live soon, but still requires some testing before we enable it.
  • IP Address in Audit Trail. SIGNiX has always been recording IP address for signers and reviewers, but is now making that piece of process evidence more easily visible in the audit trail. NOTE – This feature will be live soon, but still requires some testing before we enable it.
  • Miscellaneous fixes and updates for optional signatures.
  • Minor client-specific customizations, optimizations and bug fixes.
  • Infrastructure changes relating to document archiving and storage. 

[Release 135]

Release Notes Key

Product features and enhancements are generally divided into categories based on where they change and who they affect.

  • SIGNING INTERFACE: Visible to all signers using the latest signing experience.
  • WIZARD / DOC CENTER: Visible only to those users and clients/partners who use the SIGNiX browser-based dashboard and document preparation controls.
  • INTEGRATION ONLY:This feature only affects those clients/partners who access SIGNiX via the Web Services API and have integrated the Signature Engine into their own services and products.
  • OPTIONAL: This feature can be turned on and off by SIGNiX, and in order to use / test this, you will need to contact SIGNiX.
  • OTHER: These features may affect all clients and signers.