This release includes a number of key fixes and updates for client issues and user workflows. It also features new, broader email customization capabilities.


API / Integration

  • Improved ability for Get Access Link submitter API call to be used with updated wizard/editor (SIG-214)
  • Deprecated AutoOpenFirstDocument parameter in SubmitDocument calls as no longer used in current signing experience. (SIG-239)

User Experience

  • Signing - Resolved issue introduced by third party UI library that made it difficult to exit certain modal dialogs (such as legal consent page) on iOS devices. Added ‘OK’ button to bottom of legal consent dialog. (SIG-101)
  • Signing - Resolved issue with text in smaller text fields being difficult to see on iOS (SIG-25)
  • Signing - Correctly count documents in a document subset (folder) when attachment(s) is added (SIG-44)*
  • Editor - Fixed visual errors / artifacts when dragging fields, including 21 CFR 11 Reason, across page breaks (SIG-99, SIG-219)
  • Signing - Resolved issue that caused Transaction in Use dialog to pop up more frequently than expected. (SIG-209, SIG-240)
  • Signing – Added additional clarifying language to encourage users to upload images of signatures or marks when using the upload signature feature. (SIG-61)
  • Editor - Documents with prefilled check boxes / radio buttons will carry through values and no longer cause issues in Wizard/Editor when unassigned. (SIG-236, SIG-238)


  • Continued work to improve email customization capabilities across larger set of email types, including placeholders and other features. (SIG-38, SIG-64, SIG-65, SIG-192, SIG-193, SIG-194, SIG-195, SIG-196, SIG-197, SIG-198, SIG-199, SIG-220, SIG-221, SIG-222, SIG-223, SIG-226, SIG-227, SIG-228, SIG-229, SIG-230, SIG-241)*
  • Updated Wildfly settings for MaxPostSize (SIG-120)

Other Items

  • Added client-requested preference to control SMS experience when same email / mobile number. (SIG-67)*
  • Improved ‘Coversheet Not Found’ error messages to be more friendly. (SIG-39)

Known Issues

  • none

Please let your SIGNiX representative know if you have any questions. Thanks for your business!

*Feature is optional and may or may not be available based on client product used. Additional fees may be charged.