The SIGNiX Signature Service was patched to fix parallel signing groups and resolve errors and frustrations with certain embedded editor functions, in addition to a few other minor improvements.


API / Integration

  • Resolved issues with API-generated, pretagged initial field dates appearing not to be assigned to a specific party in the editor when they actually are assigned.

User Experience

  • Fixed issue with parallel signing groups. This feature should now work as expected in both the current and new MyDoX Wizard.
  • Latest MyDoX Wizard and Editor:
    • Changed how fields are placed on a document to reduce/eliminate instances of errors on submission. Submitters will now notice that the toolbar will be disabled / greyed out as new fields are placed onto the document and processed. Toolbar cannot be dragged when disabled / greyed out.
    • Updated under-the-hood code to improve efficiency of new drag-and-drop functionality for moving signers and documents around in the MyDoX Wizard


  • Improved logic to apply ‘demo’ watermark to documents when ‘demo’ toggle is enabled and set to on.

Other Items

  • Implemented additional, internal billing support for signature counts and other detailed data
  • Resolved issue in Outlook email client where text color of a button clicked in HTML email would revert to same color as button.