This release includes a number of quality-of-life updates as well as key functionality improvements requested by clients after the 152 Release and continued upgrades to core subsystems in the SIGNiX service. 


API / Integration

  • Removed transient dialog that could sometimes appear very briefly when transitioning from embedded editor back to native integration platform. (SIG-94)

User Experience

  • Fixed problem where toggling back and forth between signature font and drawn signature options could cause repetitive duplication of the drawn signature image (SIG-21)
  • Addressed numerous quality-of-life issues with the new address book experience in the Wizard, which is still available to users in a beta state (please contact your account rep).* (SIG-22, SIG-23, SIG-24, SIG-210)
  • Improved logic by which ‘missed’ fields during the signing process are highlighted for users (SIG-92)
  • In Intent to Sign dialogs (especially in 21CFR11 workflows), once the Sign button is clicked, it becomes ‘disabled’ while the signature is processing in the background to provide better feedback to the signer that the click was received and being acted upon. (SIG-95)
  • Fixed issue where certain tabs in the Wizard were not showing as disabled even if they were intended to be. (SIG-17)*


  • Resolved a rare issue where a signing link might be available to previous signers (SIG-16)
  • Continuing maturation of system components, including moving services which handle authentication calls and email as well as better automated testing of critical signing components. (SIG-46, SIG-47)
  • Fixed rare issue where suspended transaction and signer change could result in odd messaging. (SIG-202)
  • Mitigated issue where sessions weren’t correctly timing out under new architecture. (SIG-208)
  • Implemented better event logging for document purge function (SIG-62, SIG-20)

Other Items

  • Resolved client specific issues with locked down content in re-sent emails (SIG-190)

Known Issues

  • iOS – As a signer, entered text also may be difficult to see depending on zoom level and some dialogs may be difficult to close. Working on fixes. (SIG-25, SIG-101)

Please let your SIGNiX representative know if you have any questions. Thanks for your business!

*Feature is optional and may or may not be available based on client product used. Additional fees may be charged.