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E-Signature Benefits for Real Estate Professionals

Technology has drastically transformed the real estate industry. Think about it—30 years ago, real estate professionals had to print out their listings and bring a copy around to each real estate office. Now agents can post their listings online with just the click of a button—and other agents across the country can see them.
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[Infographic] Cybersecurity Protection for Real Estate

 The discussion of fraud is not typically a topic most people are anxious to discuss, especially when it comes to buying or selling a home. However, the risk of fraud should be mitigated as much as possible, and real estate professionals should be proactive instead of reactive when it comes to cybersecurity protection. 
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Real Estate Digital Signatures - Making Closings Quick and Painless

Real estate professionals appreciate the fact that waiting on documents to be signed during a closing can be nerve-wracking.  Moreover, bringing everyone together into the same room to sign off on documents can be bothersome to clients, especially if they're out of state or have difficult schedules.
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Real Estate Professionals Love Electronic Signatures - C2C

 Today, we unveil another installment of our Customer-to-Customer video series, where customers of our products talk to us about how SIGNiX digital signatures (and in this case, zipLogix Digital Ink - powered by SIGNiX) speed up their time to revenue.
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Real Estate & Electronic Signatures – Up Close

Above: SIGNiX's Jay Jumper and Pem Guerry at the SIGNiX booth.
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