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Real Estate Professionals Love Electronic Signatures - C2C

real estate e-signature Today, we unveil another installment of our Customer-to-Customer video series, where customers of our products talk to us about how SIGNiX digital signatures (and in this case, zipLogix Digital Ink - powered by SIGNiX) speed up their time to revenue.

In this episode, Joanne Fraser from Coldwell Banker of Northern California in Los Altos, CA tells us how she recently closed a complex deal on a home in Sunnyvale, CA owned by an individual who lives thousands of miles away in Minnesota.

zipLogix Digital Ink allowed Joanne and her clients to sign off on all critical closing documents without having to be in the same room...or even the same state. That's one reason why this product is the leading e-signature solution in real estate with over 300,000 real estate professionals able to access the technology. In fact, it's a free member benefit in many states across the country.

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