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Technology has drastically transformed the real estate industry. Think about it—30 years ago, real estate professionals had to print out their listings and bring a copy around to each real estate office. Now agents can post their listings online with just the click of a button—and other agents across the country can see them.

Thanks to other technology, like e-signatures, the buying and selling process is also now streamlined and efficient. Buyers, sellers and their realtors are able to complete entire transactions remotely from their computer, tablet or mobile phone.

We recently heard from Mary Ellen Wilkinson, a realtor in South Carolina who has been using e-signatures for several years. She received an offer on her inn while on vacation three hours away. Rather than making the drive back home, she was able to sign all the paperwork remotely—and in just minutes.

“Thank you for the easiest possible transaction to sell my inn. I was in Charleston visiting my daughter for 2 months over Christmas when I got an offer on my inn. I am a real estate professional and so is the buyer. So of course we are very familiar with SIGNiX and its ease of use, much more so than any other digital signature company. And even though I was only a 3 hour drive from home, I did not want to interrupt my stay in Charleston.  So thanks to you SIGNiX, I was able to sign all the paperwork remotely for the closing. Several clicks and we were done. Just remarkable! I am so grateful to your company for such a smooth and easy service.” - Mary Ellen Wilkinson, realtor, Vernon Company

We spoke with Mary Ellen further to understand how e-signatures have made an impact on her real estate transactions. Among the benefits she mentioned were:


Mary Ellen told us that before she started using e-signatures, it could have taken six days for her and her client to print, sign, mail, scan and file key documents executed during the buying/selling process. In those six days, her client could have lost his first, second or third buyer. With e-signatures, Mary Ellen can get her client’s house on the market in just minutes. Cutting out those six days can be the difference between selling and sitting.

Remote Capabilities

E-signatures give realtors more flexibility, like the freedom to expand their client base across the state or even country. It’s no longer necessary for realtors to live close to their clients. Many e-signature systems are supported by cloud-based software, meaning both parties can sign documents from virtually anywhere, at any time. So whether you or your clients are 30 miles down the road or several states away is no concern.

Ease of Use

Not all e-signature solutions are created equal. She noted that SIGNiX offers a smooth, almost effortless experience. Our system takes you through one easy-to-read page of instructions—then you’re ready to sign. As Mary Ellen told us, other e-signature vendors often require a lot of reading on the front end—and the instructions can be a bit choppy, leaving you questioning the process and wondering if you’re doing everything right. “SIGNiX gives me all the confidence in the world that I’ve done it correctly,” Mary Ellen said. And because of that, she’s able to offer her customers the same level of confidence.


Real estate transactions can be extremely paper-intensive, which is why many offices, like Mary Ellen’s, are making the move to a paperless workplace. E-signatures allow realtors to keep their files online, saving significant time and money in printing, postage and storage costs.

What other benefits have you seen from e-signatures in the real estate industry?

For more on the benefits of e-signatures, like security, download this eBook.


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