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SIGNiX signatures go above and beyond new IRS requirements

Earlier this month, the IRS published requirements for digital signatures on 4506-T forms, and we're happy to announce that SIGNiX's digital signatures don't just meet the requirements, they exceed them! 
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The Legality of Digital Signatures in the News

It's always great to see industries in discussion about electronic signatures.
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Electronic Signature Authentication Debated in Michigan Court Case

Recently we’ve been bringing you news of a number of court cases around the use of electronic signatures.  A Michigan appeals court recently passed down an interesting decision regarding an electronic signature used to sign an online life insurance beneficiary change form. 
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A Discussion Regarding Non-Repudiation and Digital Signatures

 John Gregory over at Slaw, Canada's online legal magazine, wrote a great article about The Myth of Non-Repudiation. This is why SIGNiX uses digital signatures, an audit log and strong authentication.
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Electronic Signatures in the News

We came across an interesting press release from the American Civil Liberties Union of Utah...
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