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WARNING: Your Firm's E-Signature Vendor Could be a Liability

Financial advisors across the country are adopting e-signature technology to save time, reduce risk and enhance client relationships. But not all e-signature vendors are created equal. If you aren’t careful which vendor you choose, you could be putting your firm and your clients at risk. We’ve assembled a variety of tips and suggestions to make sure you pick an e-signature vendor that will be an asset… instead of a liability.
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Are E-Signatures Legal for Financial Advisors?

Many financial advisors are adopting e-signatures as a fast and easy way to get documents signed online. But before you adopt e-signatures, it’s important to make sure the technology you pick will hold up to legal scrutiny.
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7 Things Financial Advisors Should Look for in an E-Signature Vendor

Financial advisors need to be careful when considering an e-signature vendor. The vendor doesn't just need to meet your needs for convenience, but the service should also produce documents that will be legally valid forever. Here are seven key factors to consider when you look for an e-signature provider. 
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Broker-Dealers Enjoy Perks of Laser App + SIGNiX Integration

We’re about to head to San Diego for the Laser App 2013 Conference, and we’re getting pretty excited. Not only do we get to visit a beautiful city, we also get to spend time talking to some of Laser App’s top clients.
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SIGNiX to Showcase e-Signature Products at Pershing's INSITE 2013

We're really excited to be a part of Pershing's INSITE™ 2013 this year for the first time. We'll be traveling to sunny Hollywood, Florida for a few days to meet with Pershing's network of investment professionals and registered investment advisors. And of course, we're also looking forward to hearing Hillary Rodham Clinton and Peyton Manning speak! 
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