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Why Industry-Leading Financial Firms Rely on True Digital Signatures

Financial services firms handle a high volume of high-value transactions, many of which contain sensitive information, including social security numbers, account numbers, personal information and more. That’s why it’s distressing that, despite its myriad regulations, the banking and financial services industry falls victim to more fraud cases each year than any other industry, according to the Association of Certified Fraud Examiners. Firms and chief security officers must look for surer methods to safeguard their data and the clients they serve.
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[VIDEO] Digital Signatures Taking Off in Financial Services Industry

From November 3 to 5, Pem Guerry, our executive vice president, attended the T3 Enterprise Conference in Rosemont, Illinois. While he was there, InvestmentNews caught up with him to get his thoughts about why digital signature adoption is taking off in the financial services industry.
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7 Pros and Cons of Electronic Signatures for Broker-Dealers

In an age when electronic signatures are gaining steam in the broker-dealer space, it’s easy to get swept away by the desire to get documents signed online in minutes.
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SIGNiX's Pem Guerry to Speak at Laser App 2013 Conference

Pem Guerry, executive vice president of SIGNiX, will speak to financial advisors about the rapid adoption of e-signatures in 2013. CHATTANOOGA, Tenn—August 14, 2013—SIGNiX, the global authority on secure digital signatures, announced that Pem Guerry, the company’s executive vice president, will present “What’s Driving the E-Signature Revolution?” at the Laser App 2013 conference in San Diego on August 23.
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5 Surprising Benefits of Digital Signatures for Financial Advisors

If you’re a financial advisor, the paperless office probably seems pretty far away. Most advisors are bombarded by paper documents all day, every day. But you might not know that you don’t have to go completely paperless to reap a lot of the benefits of a paperless office.
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INFOGRAPHIC: Financial Services Have Gone Mobile

The demand for mobile services is booming, and the financial industry is no exception. In the coming years, financial services companies will need to engage with mobile to stay competitive. Here's a great infographic that gives some insights into the mobile trend.
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