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Infographic: The History of Digital Signature Technology

A lot of people are under the false impression that digital signature technology is some new, untested fad. The truth is that digital signatures have been around for decades, and they're gaining popularity in the mainstream.
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SIGNiX Honored as Best Software Company in Chattanooga

This week we’ve been honored by the Small Business Community Association. They've named us the top software company in Chattanooga! It’s an honor to be recognized as part of Chattanooga’s growing technology sector. We’ve been based in Chattanooga for years, and supporting Chattanooga is a priority for all of us here at SIGNiX.
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SIGNiX Named Best Software Company in Chattanooga

The Small Business Community Association honors a local digital signature company for its growth and support of the community. CHATTANOOGA, Tenn.—August 1, 2013—SIGNiX, the nation’s leading provider of secure digital signatures, has received the 2012 Best of Business Award for Chattanooga in the computer software category. The award recognized SIGNiX for the company’s active role in educating and supporting the small business community in Chattanooga.
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