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Reasons for the Uptick in E-Signature Technology During Tax Season and Beyond

Pem Guerry, executive vice president of SIGNiX, recently wrote an article for about the marked uptick in the use of e-signature technology during tax season and year round. In the article, he said:
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Find the One Right E-Signature Solution to Meet all of Your Needs

It wasn’t that long ago that some people would use two pens: one with black ink for everyday stuff like writing notes and making annotations to documents, and another with blue ink for signatures. The belief was that the blue ink added a level of security to the document, and if a letter had a signature in black, it was a photocopy. This was an adequate system at the time, but not convenient or secure, especially when scanners and computers became commonplace.
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New Year: Time to Jump on the E-Signature Bandwagon

The New Year always brings fresh beginnings, new perspectives and plenty of resolutions. For companies, it’s a time to think about updating processes, platforms and methods so your people and clients can work smarter and more efficiently—and so your company saves money. We have a clean slate, after all, so it makes sense to make changes now before we get too bogged down in our same old ways.
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Real Estate Professionals Love Electronic Signatures - C2C

 Today, we unveil another installment of our Customer-to-Customer video series, where customers of our products talk to us about how SIGNiX digital signatures (and in this case, zipLogix Digital Ink - powered by SIGNiX) speed up their time to revenue.
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Real Estate & Electronic Signatures – Up Close

Above: SIGNiX's Jay Jumper and Pem Guerry at the SIGNiX booth.
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Security and Intent for E-Signatures - Celebrating National Cyber Security Awareness Month Continues

We’ve been speaking about security and electronic signatures these past few weeks in observance of National Cyber Security Awareness Month. Today, we’re going to spend a little time speaking about intent and access control when it comes to e-signed documents.
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E-Signatures or Digital Signatures? Celebrating National Cyber Security Awareness Month!

Hello everyone! Happy National Cyber Security Awareness Month! Yup, it’s that time of year again for bringing attention to the ever-present threat from malware, scammers and fraud. I have to wonder…is this a time you celebrate, or rather one where you cower in fear in front of your monitor? Hmm.
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Digital Signatures Improve Credit Union Member Relationships and Compliance

Two weeks ago, SIGNiX was pleased to have the opportunity to exhibit and participate at the Texas Credit Union League’s Leadership Expo in San Antonio, TX, following our partnership announcement with Credit Union Resources (Resources). This annual gathering brought executives and thought leaders from credit unions around Texas together to discuss a number of topics central to managing these member-based financial institutions.  
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