This update introduces a dramatic update to our MyDoX document center (now called the Dashboard), and enhances our SIGNIX eNotary capabilities with online cloud recording and advanced auditing features. In addition, this release includes multiple client requested features as well as resolves a number of other issues.


API / Integration

  • N/A

User Experience

  • Implemented a new responsive design Dashboard to replace the existing ‘Document Center’ that brings time-saving and long requested features to the home screen that submitters see when they first log into SIGNiX. The Dashboard is in beta for now, and clients may contact SIGNiX to opt-in to the new features. (SIG-27, 28, 73, 74, 75, 76, 77, 78, 403, 545, 563, 568, 574)

    The new Dashboard includes:

    • Easy snapshot view of both recently updated and recently completed transactions, as well as quick access to your most recent templates
    • Renovated Transaction screen with easy one click access to download completed documents, suspend/resume/cancel transactions, and even change email addresses.
    • Print, email and download multiple transactions at once instead of clicking on each transaction in turn
    • SIGNiX is working on a metrics widget that will add more value to this dashboard in a future release
    Dashboard - shot 1
    Dashboard - shot 2
  • Added cloud recording and additional convenience and compliance features to the online meeting functionality introduced in Release 157 for electronic notaries. Now online meetings can be recorded in the cloud and downloaded from SIGNiX. Moreover, additional prompts will conveniently guide the e-notary to be sure meetings are scheduled where appropriate. (SIG-476, 477, 478, 485, 487)*
  • All signers will be automatically selected for an online meeting (SIG-572)*
  • Added new audit trail entries for Online Meeting creation, bypass and recording (SIG-473, 474, 475)*
  • Updated Notary Information Event to include In-Person or Remote choice by Notary during Signing (SIG-486)*
  • Improved date / time picker as well as scheduling constraints for online meetings (SIG-460)*
  • Fixed issue introduced in previous release where Notary Seal placed on second document in transaction would move after placement on Edge and IE11 browsers. (SIG-544)*
  • Added tooltips to radio button icons (SIG-540)


  • Initial attempt at improvements to session handling to improve user experience when email security software and other solutions are in operation (SIG-469)
  • Made event retention more efficient when events cannot be logged & resolved issues with event logging in certain situations (SIG-482, SIG-576)
  • Further updates to purge / document retention & deletion functionality (SIG-573)*
  • Update timestamp redundancy workflow to allow signing with local time in the case of catastrophic third party timestamp server failure (SIG-554)
  • Internal utility updates for improved cloud storage retrieval (SIG-551)

Other Items

  • Updates to email address length validation in Wizard (SIG-296)

Known Issues

  • The new Dashboard is not (at this time) compatible with Internet Explorer 11.

Please let your SIGNiX representative know if you have any questions. Thanks for your business!

*Feature is optional and may or may not be available based on client product used. Additional fees may be charged.