Personal Document Center (Signer Experience – If Enabled)

  • Altered experience for 1st time signers. PDC link is now not displayed in emails to those signers, eliminating error possibilities.
  • PDC link in email placement can be altered to be first or second. (Client Preference)
  • Quit button will now correctly end the browser session.

Other Items

  • Submitters setting up 21 CFR 11 signatures in the Wizard now cannot delete the Reason, Date (new with this patch) and/or Printed Name fields without voiding 21 CFR 11 mode. (Wizard)
  • Fixed ReadyDox™ transactions not showing up in Document Center for non-Corporate Administrator users.
  • Other miscellaneous, minor code updates

Release Notes Key

Product features and enhancements are generally divided into categories based on where they change and who they affect.

  • SIGNING INTERFACE: Visible to all signers using the latest signing experience.
  • WIZARD / DOC CENTER: Visible only to those users and clients/partners who use the SIGNiX browser-based dashboard and document preparation controls.
  • INTEGRATION ONLY:This feature only affects those clients/partners who access SIGNiX via the Web Services API and have integrated the Signature Engine into their own services and products.
  • OPTIONAL: This feature can be turned on and off by SIGNiX, and in order to use / test this, you will need to contact SIGNiX.
  • OTHER: These features may affect all clients and signers.