Based on feedback from a growing number of new clients, SIGNiX is rolling out a small patch to rapidly improve and iterate on remote online notarization user experience during the COVID-19 pandemic. Some other minor updates have also been included.


API / Integration

  • None

User Experience

  • Improved notary experiences*
    • Made significant updates to notary stamp field to optimize size of uploaded seal / stamp and improve legibility (SIG-767, 773)
    • Prevented changes to key data in Add Signer dialog to prevent issues with notary party (SIG-718)
    • Common punctuation now allowed in Venue input field for Notary Journal information (i.e. comma) (SIG-741)
  • Fixed rare issue with placeholder parties and address book removing authentication method (SIG-766)
  • Added new guidelines that appear when dragging or resizing fields to aid in lining them up and making fields better fit into pre-existing forms (SIG-311)


  • Fixed issues relating to manually sending an email to a signer after transaction start (SIG-761, 763, 769)

Other Items

  • Fixed rare issue with notary stamp tool appearing when it should not have (SIG-782)

Known Issues

  • Resolved rare issue with notary journal (SIG-781)

Please let your SIGNiX representative know if you have any questions. Thanks for your business!

*Feature is optional and may or may not be available based on client product used. Additional fees may be charged.