The SIGNiX Signature Service has been updated with an integrator-requested feature for downloading the audit trail, bug fixes, and continued work preparing the next generation document editor. (144)

 API / Integration

  • Download PDF Audit Trail in DownloadDocument. Integrators now have the option to download the signed PDF version of the audit trail as opposed to the digitally signed XML version. This highly requested change provides a version of the audit trail identical to that made available to the signer or through the MyDoX Wizard, and is now an option for DownloadDocument in the SIGNiX API. Contact SIGNiX for more details on the API changes involved.

User Experience

  • Ongoing work preparing the next generation document editor and wizard interface for release in 1H2017


  • Continued internal improvement to billing subsystems
  • Continuing improvements to password configuration and customization by client, including expiration options
  • Updated PDF rendering engine

Other Items

  • Resolved schema validation error on transaction change events and when signed field has no name
  • Addressed issue with improper renaming of distribution list file attachments
  • Fixed forgotten PIN process for rare identity sub-type (only affects one client)